Top 5 Tips for Working with Influencers

Top 5 Tips for Working with Influencers

In this day day and age, the success of a brand can depend on their aptitude for working with influencers. The concept of the social media influencer would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago. Of course, taste makers have always existed, but prior to social media’s omnipresence, they were film stars, musicians, those with model looks and bags of money.

But times have changed, and the power of today’s influencer is their relatability. Their life looks a lot like yours, just a better curated version. And, for brands, it is here that their value lies: whether it’s clothing, accessories, homeware, sports gear, these products are within reach, and buying one for yourself brings you one step closer to the lovely looking life you see on your screen.



For this reason, brands are harnessing the power of the influencer as part of their day-to-day marketing activity. Check out GC Watches’ Instagram page for some of our own work with influencers. If you’re considering it yourself, here are our top tips.

Trust your chosen Influencer

Influencers know their own audience better than anyone. If you have decided to work with an influencer due to them being a good fit for your brand, you should trust their creative license. This will give your posts an authentic feel on the influencer’s social channels and will help give you the result you want.


Do they love your product?

To work successfully with an influencer, you need them to genuinely believe in your brand. Whatever you’re hoping to sell, it must have the correct feel for their social channels to reassure the audience that the collaboration is about more than just the money. This authenticity will ensure optimum performance of your posts and forms the basis of strong and long-lasting relationships between brands and influencers.


It’s not always about the numbers

Be careful when selecting an influencer based on their audience: it is not just about having a huge following. Much more important are the levels of engagement, and whether the audience fits within your brand’s target market. Needless to say, it’s important to choose carefully.


Build connections

As a brand, it is important to stand out in the world of social influencers. It is highly competitive, and the ones worth working with will generally be flooded with offers. Ask yourself why an influencer would want to work with you. Try building connections in advance to develop the desired relationship, show you’re interested and supportive of their content by sharing and liking their posts. Demonstrate that you really like their style and keep up to date with what they’re up to.

Make sure you have a goal

It’s all very well wanting to align your product with the right people, but when planning your activity, make sure you have  an actionable goal in mind. This will help determine successes and failures along the way, and allow you to see a clear ROI at the end of your activity.