Think content, think SEO. Think SEO, think content.

Think content, think SEO. Think SEO, think content.

SEO is nothing without content. Content calls the shots. If words, images, video didn’t exist then there wouldn’t be much need for SEO.

But content is not much without SEO. If beautifully crafted content is not set up to be found then there is little point to it.

So the two are inextricably linked. They are not two separate entities.

Don’t just think about getting your SEO in order. Think about whether your content is optimized for search. Yes of course a technical audit of your site will reveal how well set up your site is in terms of stuff like metadata, tags, site map, and robots.txt. But don’t stop there. In fact, most importantly don’t even start there.


Start with what people are searching for and discussing in the context of your brand. This of course provides the first natural interface between search performance and your content. If you’re on topic and relevant, then the platform for positive search results is naturally set up. If your content is created with little reference to customer needs, then no matter how much SEO is applied you’ll fall on deaf (or the wrong) ears. Start with content driven by the customer not with content driven by SEO intentions.


This basically aligns with the importance of relevant content. Ensuring that you are putting out quality content is so important. Get inside the head of your customer. Think like they do. You want something fast, informative, funny and engaging. Not something that just fills the airwaves – there is way too much rubbish and brand indulgent content out there. You have your brand values and reputation to protect. Google rewards quality content. It actively seeks out content that is relevant to page not just loaded with keywords. And from quality content comes quality backlinks from sites with strong authority. Another thing that Google is rather keen on. It all joins up.


Regularly refreshed and evolving content keeps your customers happy and it is something that Google place much importance on. Once again Google loves good quality content but also indexes your page based on how regularly refreshed your content is. So keep your content regularly updated and in tune with the ever changing needs of your customer.

If you get the first three points in line then it is time for process and tech. This is the yeast that will help make the ingredients of your content programme rise. This is the heartland of SEO. The technical endeavours that make the hard yards involved in being ‘customer relevant’ worthwhile.


Creatives can run away with great content creative. And if that content is customer relevant and has great stand out then that is good news. But great content also needs optimization processing applied. Copywriters must be aware of keywords. Video creative teams must be in tune with effective titling and tagging. All relatively simple. But of course it doesn’t stop there. Google rewards customer orientated UX. Good on-site experiences will rank you higher and development teams getting the coding intricacies of page set up in line with how Google crawls your site is imperative.

Technical on-site SEO is as broad as it is long. It is just as important as good content. But think integration of SEO and content. Not of them as isolated skills. Without brilliantly crafted and relevant content, there wouldn’t much need for SEO. But without SEO then content would just float in the ether.