The Art of Creating Social Video

The Art of Creating Social Video

Social video is the talk of the town. Amongst the marketing fraternity.

And amongst your target audience? Only if well planned and executed.

We make social video with impact. Video that delivers a voice. We apply planning and science with our process The Social Cut.  A process designed to ensure the very best video storytelling and customisation of video to the varying channels and devices at your customer’s fingertips.


Just take a look at our work in the film sector. We drive interest and engagement in film releases for a variety of film studio clients – Sony, Paramount and Disney to name but a few. We tell stories using a variety of digital techniques and platforms. And right at the heart of our social video work sits the humble trailer and TV advert.

However, it’s no good whacking up the TV at in its entirety. It just won’t cut the mustard against our objectives of driving conversation, engagement, shares and bookings. We need to create a story line and bring the video to life with subtitling, special effects and adaptation to channels and platforms.


Introducing characters and cast: example images and working video and subtitling examples images and working video
Special FX – example images and working video and reviews – example images and working video

Countdown, booking – example images and working video & formatting to device and platform – 1×1; 16×9 etc
And the performance of our videos suggests the effort is justified…

*We took 100 pieces of entertainment marketing content, 50 without bespoke editing and 50 with. When placed online (organically or with similar promotional budget) results showed that content tailored to specific channels achieves a 65% increase in uplift and sales.  Our video work moves into other areas beyond film.

We undertake digital video creationfor Standard Chartered Bank where the brief is to showcase serious financial topics in a way that is simple and engaging. The end goal? To get eyeballs on our message, drive shares and position the bank as a thought leader across key financial matters of the day.

Our approach has been to present a mash up of animation, stock footage, sub titling and simple graphics.



The end result is on the money. A significant uplift in organic views and an increase in replies, retweets and comments on social channels. And of course there are our foodie film examples.

“If you ever have to support a flagging conversation, introduce the topic of eating.” Leigh Hunt 

Chefs, events and recipes all take star billing with our work with The Irish Food Board. To raise the profile, versatility and premium nature of grass fed Irish beef we have created a series of videos to drive interest and involvement in cooking with Irish beef.


Top down recipes and chef tutored recipes

Ingredient pairing video (Autumn) images and foodie events

Perception changes