Word of Mouth Marketing – it’s time to talk

Word of mouth marketing. As old as the hills but just as relevant today as it was when Queen Victoria and Pope Leo XIII were endorsing cocaine laced Mariani wine and prompting chatter amongst the hoi polloi of 19th century Europe.

Measuring Social Influence

As the social media landscape continues to evolve, brands are racing to grow and nurture their social channels. Most businesses understand the importance and effect of viral marketing campaigns, engaging social channels and an effective strategy. However there can be a misunderstanding of how the influence generated from these campaigns can be measured and used […]

Playfulness and Parodies

What does Adele have to do with pizza and Pirate FM have to do with John Lewis? A sleuth of parodies of Adele’s new single Hello and John Lewis’ Christmas advert have shone a spotlight on one aspect of human behaviour: playfulness through parody.