Spinnaker Shortlisted for the 2017 Screen Awards

Spinnaker Shortlisted for the 2017 Screen Awards

We are proud to announce Spinnaker’s nomination for the 2017 Screen Awards. Our work on Edgar Wright’s box office hit Baby Driver has been included in the Online Campaign of the Year category. Learn more about the campaign below.



Baby Driver was an original picture written and directed by Edgar Wright. Wright has become a household name with a legion of millennial film fans, all grown from his previous pictures. ‘Shaun of the Dead,’ ‘Hot Fuzz,’ ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World,’ and ‘The World’s End’ all received rave reviews and love amongst this audience.

The main challenge for Sony Pictures UK was to extend the appeal of this picture beyond Wright’s fanbase to make it a credible challenger during a busy summer release schedule, including competition from the studio’s other release, Spider-Man Homecoming.

The Campaign

In the last 7 years there has been an onslaught of film releases that are sequels or based on comic books. Insights gathered through social listening and focus groups indicate that there is an element of superhero/sequel fatigue. For this reason, the ‘originality’ of this picture was the primary message portrayed online.

The ‘originality’ manifested itself in 2 ways:

  1. The film’s central theme was the music that the primary character listens to throughout. This links the shots in the film and the soundtrack together in a unique manner, rarely used in film and certainly not in recent years.
  2. The film’s artwork broke the conventional mould. Both the teaser artwork and key artwork featured a stand out pink colour. Rather than the usual hacky Photoshop option, these were hand illustrated in stunning fashion, embodying a cross section of themes within the film including; action, comedy, drama and the love story. The poster was something that attracted a great deal of attention online from the get-go.

Offline marketing was limited to billboard, bus ads and sparing TV spot placements. The studio and cross-agency team embarked on a highly targeted digital campaign that focused on younger audiences and digital platforms. Using digital kept costs down and enabled the marketing teams to specifically tailor marketing material to potential moviegoers with different interests. E.g.

  • Car chases for motoring enthusiasts
  • Kevin Spacey at House of Cards fans
  • Clips with musical artist’s tracks at their respective fans (with plenty to pick from!)

This segmented content was outreached via influencers and media partners like Cosmopolitan and LadBible, as well as Sony owned channels, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube & Snapchat. All social activity was supported via paid social promotion.

To drive home the artistic originality of the posters, Sony partnered with Poster Spy and asked members of the public to submit their own fan art for the film. 216 members of this design community responded with their highly detailed versions of the film poster, which was met by an unprecedented response from fans. These were, in turn, outreached via the same media partners reinforcing the ‘artistic originality’ messaging.

This twist on the conventional UGC campaign was successful in hitting both an artistic community, its followers and the broader public.


We look forward to awards night on November 30th. Until then we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a big Baby Driver win!


PosterSpy Artist credits: PayBackPenguin, Mark Levey Art, Boythirty, Berniedave, MedalXD, Ngryphonk, MonsieurGordon, Psoglav, Uricksaladbar, Ben_Farr, Simonthegreat. DGrahamdesign, Lon Chan, Alekseyrico, MateyBoy.