Spinnaker Film Club

Spinnaker Film Club

Welcome to the Spinnaker Film Club! For those of you who have worked with the team at Spinnaker, it won’t come as a surprise to hear that we’re all huge fans of film and cinema. With ten years in the movie industry, it would be difficult not to be! With all the film chat that goes on in the office, we asked our colleagues to tell us which releases they’re most looking forward to in 2017 and why. Find out the results below…



Muireann O’KeefeAccount Manager


“One of the greatest war stories of all time, directed by one of the industry’s most acclaimed directors, Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is going to be BIG. It’s Nolan’s first film based on factual events, he bought an antique WW2 plane, valued at $5million, just to smash it up AND it’s Harry Styles first attempt at acting.  Also, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Mark Ryland all star in the movie. One worth catching at the cinema.”


T2: Trainspotting

Alice Zahra, Account Director


“As a teen I loved Trainspotting! I’m a massive fan of the books and have been waiting years for this sequel. I couldn’t be happier that the original cast are all back for T2 and I can’t wait to see what they’ve all been up to in the past 20 years.”


T2Blade Runner, and Kingsman

Rob Goldsmith, Managing Partner


“Trainspotting is right up there. Danny Boyle is a genius; they have retained the original cast; there is a purpose to the film – what the hell have they been doing for the last 20 years? And I loved the first one. Number two is Blade Runner. Again, a little bit of unadulterated nostalgia. The original was way back in 1982 and during my 80’s university years it achieved cult status. The new version is hotly anticipated by me (and millions of others). Third in line is Kingsman. I loved the first one, the brilliance of the film took me by surprise. I thought Colin Firth was exceptional and I can’t wait.”


20th Century Women

Maddy Tickner, Social Media Manager

20th Century Women

“Set against the sepia backdrop of 1970s Santa Barbara, 20th Century Women tells the story of a single mother enlisting the help of two young women to nurture her son through adolescence and, ultimately, become the kind of man she hopes he will. I always enjoy a good coming of age film, and am a huge fan of Annette Benning and Greta Gerwig who both feature, so this is right up my street.”



Ed Syson, Account Manager


“As a big fan of Hugh Jackman I’m interested to see how he will play an old Wolverine in what will be his final performance as the character. It’s also meant to be really gritty, dark and genuinely looks pretty good.”


Baby Driver

Leah Croft, Social Account Executive


Edgar Wright is back with his incredible editor, Paul Machliss (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs The World) for Baby Driver. I’m always so excited when these two make a film together because you know it’s going to be amazing from start to finish not to mention it’s starring Jon Hamm, the oh so handsome Mad Men star. It’s going to be something incredible to see, with a premise similar to Drive, focusing on the getaway driver rather than the main heist group, but with an Edgar Wright touch to it.”


Alien: Covenant

Alex Heffernan, Designer


“This year will see the return of the Xenomorphs. Following the trailer released late last year, it’s looking like Ridley Scott is trying to please the fans who didn’t dig the first Alien prequel, Prometheus (2012). Whilst Prometheus focused on expanding the universe of the Alien films and it’s backstory, the second instalment is set to throwback to the horror and monster hunting of the iconic originals – Much like how the current Star Wars reboot is playing on fan’s hot nostalgia for the early films. How much chest bursting or face chomping there will be is anyone’s guess, but I’m excited to see how the franchise will be brought back to life!”


La La Land

Amy Jones, Account Director

LLL d 29 _5194.NEF

“I’m not usually one for musicals but this has old Hollywood written all over it – I’m looking forward to catching up with the glamour, the romance and what’s set to be great acting from Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling. Gosling is also a fav, and I’m interested to see him sing and dance!”