Practice The Art Of Good Conversation

Practice The Art Of Good Conversation

Promoting positive online conversation. It’s our essence here at Spinnaker. It is what we live by. Human to human.

However, even with humanisation at the heart of what we do, there still must live checks, balances and processes  to ensure maximum engagement and reach is delivered. So here are our top five checklist strategic process points to ensure good and shareable conversation from your online social and content efforts.

Actually, there are really six but the first one is so important that it should be a given…

#1 Why are we even having a conversation?

Be clear, specific and measurable regarding the content that you are putting out there. Ensure there is purpose behind the conversation. Where are you taking your end user? It may be towards an online purchase or it might be to drive virality and increased reach or it might be to educate or shift attitudes towards your brand.

#2 Map your content and conversational strategy against your customer journey

Your audience will be at varying stages of the purchase lifecycle. You need to define the length of time across this journey and then spend time understanding the volume and characteristics of your customers at each of these stages. Different topics of conversation and calls to action will be required. Touchpoints in terms of devices and platforms will also vary across the customer journey. Build all of this into the first stage of your conversational content strategy and refer back to it constantly as performance is monitored and measured.

#3 Know your audience

Good persona definition is a must for a successful conversation. What are the demographics and behaviour traits of your audience? There will probably be a few segments within your overall audience group and there will certainly be nuances of customer characteristics across the stages of the customer journey. Know their online behaviour, their pain and pleasure points and their motivations to fulfil the end action that you are looking for.

#4 The art of good storytelling

The essence of strong conversation. This needs to start at home. What is your brand’s interesting storyline? How should you tell it to reflect the personality that you want to portray and to engage the personas that you want to reach? Make it relevant, tell it in ways which resonate and make it shareable.

#5 Be visual

Your users will read but they will look first. And they will spend longer engaging with your message if they are exposed to images, infographics and video. Real life images, videos and events should also play a role. Join up the digital and real worlds to drive visitors and conversation across both on and off line.

#6 Be SEO focussed

Content and SEO are synonymous these days. The old days of link building tricks are well and truly over. Effective SEO is rooted in good content. Great, but that doesn’t mean you can just produce great content and ignore SEO best practice to build strong page rankings and visits. Keyword strategies are still all important, it’s just these days about overall pages having keyword relevance rather than precise keyword matching. Google also rewards long form content, visual content and, most importantly, authoritative back links. It is a vast and ever changing subject but suffice to say that your conversational strategies must always bend an ear to what is going deliver SEO.

Get these stages right and you’ll set the right tone of conversation.

Good luck.