A New Chapter in Social Video

A New Chapter in Social Video

It’s exciting times in production for social video. We are in the eye of a marketing renaissance in which we have at our disposal a multitude of exciting platforms to display on, plus new AV technologies to play with and clients and creative teams willing to experiment with the message and story.

Consumers have, for some time now, demanded and influenced the kind of content they view on their social and digital platforms. What began a few years back as a consumer consumption of long-form video across platforms has developed into short-form. What started out as aping ATL broadcast messaging has evolved into immersive messaging. What started out as one message to all, has been tuned to many messages to individuals.



Consumers move fast and we eagerly follow like a flappy-eared puppy. We’re not hampered by antiquated media channels with only 60 second slots, stuck in a qualitative or quantitative Groundhog Day trying to discover the silver marketing bullet, or being forced to put all our money into one execution and hoping for a veritable feast of likes. It’s not about the ‘Big Idea’ today, it’s about lots of little ones that make up the bigger picture. Aristotle may have blown his lid if alive today, but, ‘the whole is equal to the sum of its parts’.

To succeed with your marketing plan in social and digital, we recommend you go into battle with a well-armed socially creative production team at hand. You need a team of people who have ideas and know-how that doesn’t just get your message out there, but when it is out there, lets it sing like a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.

Whether you want to carry your messaging on from an ATL campaign, or generate a completely new strategy and look and feel for your brand or product you need to cut social video with the idea that you want to generate a conversation. Every piece of content we create tells a story, or part of a bigger story. We cut film and slice messaging to fit a consumers habits so they can relate. We build a narrative through pictures and text that stands-out from the marketing crowd to stimulate action, whether that be to share, comment, view more or buy.

We use many techniques to create our content. From compelling copy that gets consumers nattering, to advanced 3D that leaves them speechless. We are constantly exploring with new media and ways to break the old media moulds. You want to dazzle not frazzle them with your message. Surprise them with a new perspective. You want to be the brand or product they remember after the 5,000 marketing messages they’ve seen in the day.

Consumers are ready for a conversation. They are ready for your big (and little) memorable ideas. Their channels are open, you just have to create the content to make their mouths open too.