John Lewis’ Man on the Moon – A success story for the digital future

John Lewis’ Man on the Moon – A success story for the digital future

It’s the 9th big Christmas ad for the retailer, but once again John Lewis’ Christmas ad has set tongues wagging. Its Man on the Moon campaign might be one small step for man, but one giant leap for digital.

Web debut secures shares

The John Lewis Advert is here! Cue hysteria and tears… yes, it’s another emotional advert that tugs at the heartstrings and makes us think of others during the festive period. Since coming out at 9:30 on Friday morning, the advert has notched up a very respectable 10 million views on YouTube. Not bad at all. Well done to Adam & Eve/DDB!

But this isn’t unexpected – people LOVE the John Lewis ads (perhaps more than they love John Lewis’ stuff)! Fans are re-assured that they are Christmas shopping in the right place and non-fans are nudged in John Lewis’ direction for their future purchases. It all works rather nicely.

Video is king across social

There is a lot of discussion around whether video is still king of the advertising world and the stats prove that it really is. What’s interesting though is that TV has been the secondary media choice for the launch of this year’s Christmas creative. John Lewis specifically wanted the big reveal to happen on social media rather than during the X Factor and the emphasis was placed on the launch on their owned media channels. Whilst the ‘TV ad creative’ is still very much the centre of the campaign, the way in which it has been promoted has changed enormously since last year. In 2015, the future of the advertising landscape is all about digital ie getting the ad in front of the right people at the right price using programmatic advertising.

Creating an integrated experience

John Lewis has invested heavily in continuing the Christmas story across other digital touchpoints. The biggie here is the free, iOS and Android app that is both a game and an augmented reality app. It’s a cracking game in itself which is impossible to put down, but its main feature uses augmented reality to bring the moon to life. All you need to do is point your phone at John Lewis packaging, shopping bags and even the moon itself, and you are able to interact with a 3D interactive moon that shows you daily facts, animations and countdowns to Christmas Day’s full moon (yes, they have thought this through properly!)

Digital also ties in with their in store activity, John Lewis is has launched 11 moon-themed pop-ups in stores around the country so people can pose for photos as if they are stranded themselves… which are to be shared on all social channels using the #ManOnTheMoon hashtag. The retailer has even made #ManOnTheMoon merchandise available through its online store.

If you are sick of the ad already and trying to avoid it, our suggestion would be to stay off the internet and stick to the BBC until Boxing Day – Good luck!