Happy International Women’s Day from all at Spinnaker!

Happy International Women’s Day from all at Spinnaker!

Happy International Women’s Day, one and all! To show solidarity with our sisters, we asked the female contingent of the Spinnaker team which professional females inspire them on a daily basis.


Molly Gunn aka Selfish Mother
Tessa Williamson, Senior Account Director



“I admire Molly Gunn for her ambition, motivation, and all that she has achieved. There are a few things that I find particularly inspiring, namely her working partnership with her husband and how they support each other. Also, her approach to parenting and how she has managed to get others to talk honestly about their experiences in order to help mothers who might feel isolated. The way she has turned blogging into a viable business is really admirable, and on top of that, she continues to do a lot of charity work. She shows women that being a mother is not the end of the road when it comes to careers and being entrepreneurial.”


Alexandra Shulman, former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue
Maddy Tickner, Social Media Manager



“After recently reading her book Inside Vogue: A Diary of my 100th Year, I am full to the brim with admiration for the former Vogue editor-in-chief. As well as being a fantastic writer, she is whip-smart and her observations about everyone throughout the book are ruthlessly honest, but always balanced, fair, and full of humour. She is humble and, at times, full of anxiety yet totally confident about her abilities. Whoever replaces her as Vogue’s next editor-in-chief has some seriously big shoes to fill.”


#Repealthe8th Strikers
Muireann O’Keeffe, Account Manager



“I admire the thousands of women (and men) striking in Ireland today in support of the #Repealthe8th campaign. The strike was called after demands to call a referendum on the 8th amendment fell on deaf ears. The Amendment acknowledges the right to life of the unborn, equating it with the mother’s right to life. This criminalises abortion and forces the women of Ireland to desperate measures and unsafe practices.”


My Mum!
Amy Jones, Account Director

“When we all left home she decided to set up her own company, Silver Pink Company, which has just recently turned into a Limited Company. She did this with no outside investment or help, just a lot of determination and a lot of hard graft, has gone into making it the business she has today.

She is a total badass, and has so much energy it makes me envious! Whilst running her own company she is still the centre of our family and the glue that holds everyone together. So, that in itself is something to be inspired by.”


Tavi Gevinson
Becky Cole, Social Media Manager



“Style Rookie, the blog she started at the age of just 12, became a hugely successful online magazine, leading to her being featured twice on Forbes 30 under 30 for media. Her work continues to be enlightening, engaging and opens up a dialogue on feminism and social issues. It now attracts a whole range of fascinating contributors, including Lena Dunham who is also high on the list of people I admire!”


Michelle Obama and Margarete Steiff
Julia Schulz, Account Executive



“Michelle Obama is such an inspiration to children and women all over America and, during her time as First Lady, portrayed an image worth aspiring to. She is an advocate for equal rights and a testament to that fact that your religion, sex, skin colour or anything else that differentiates us from one another should not hold us back in achieving great things in life.




Margarete Steiff was the founder of plush toy company Steiff. She suffered from polio when she was very young and grew up with paralysed legs and right arm. She lived her life in the 19th century in a wheelchair. She started her company as a one-woman business, sewing the plush toys herself, using an early sewing machine and only her left hand. As a woman, just running your own company in those times was incredibly rare and even frowned upon, not to mention her severe disabilities. Men in the industry disrespected her, but she managed to turn her company into one of the most iconic plush toy brands in history.”