Empowered Mums Reject Stereotypes

Mums are more engaged than ever in online conversations…

  • 85% of digital mums are involved in offline community groups
  • 78% of mums have a profile page on one or more of the digital networks
  • 87% of mums in the UK own a smartphone
  • 89% of mums use Facebook
  • 47% use Twitter
  • 42% text multiple times a day

source: onalytica, Nov 2015

But you better get your tone and topics right if you want to join in.

We know from our work with HiPP Organic, the Irish Food Board and family film releases that mum marketing needs a thoughtful touch.

Most importantly don’t stereotype. At either end of the typology scale. The perfect parent is as bad as the exhausted, stressed parent. Mums don’t recognise either of these scenarios. They frustrate them.

This is particularly marked in the mum & baby category where there is temptation for brands to depict an exhausted, anxious mum or the perfect shiny new family. We picked up on this in the development of our HiPP re-positioning campaign. Mums told us their early lives with their children were all about the little personal moments – happy, anxious moments – but also breakthrough moments when they enjoy little ‘wins’. We have reflected this with a mum driven campaign where we have sought mum insights about the moments that matter to them. We want to showcase these moments and allow mums to empower themselves and each other with guidance and moments of recognition. To put mums in control, help them deliver more breakthrough moments and, by so doing, build a deeper and more empathetic relationship between mum and HiPP Organic.


Female empowerment is indeed all around us. We see it in two of the biggest film franchises around – Star Wars and The Hunger Games – both movies with strong female leads.

We also see it in campaigns such as #Ilooklikeanengineer  and this girl can where stereotypes are challenged and potential acknowledged.

These messages are powerful and engaging. They reflect status without being patronising.

How far we have come since Iceland’s cringing Because Mums are Heroes campaign.

Let’s keep it powerful, personalised and real.