Foxes really make me cry…

I wish to take this opportunity, this platform I have been kindly offered, to talk about football. A phrase I never thought I would utter. I’ve not chosen the music I feel so passionately about which has seen the light of day due to Kickstarter or social sharing in 2016. Nor the social media waves […]

Playfulness and Parodies

What does Adele have to do with pizza and Pirate FM have to do with John Lewis? A sleuth of parodies of Adele’s new single Hello and John Lewis’ Christmas advert have shone a spotlight on one aspect of human behaviour: playfulness through parody.

The secret of sharing

Long gone are the days when a viral video is all it takes to make a brand or product famous. In fact, the bar of what it takes to ‘go viral’ continues to be raised. A video of a pelican chick taking its first flight (with a GoPro camera strapped to its beak) has notched […]