Foxes really make me cry…

I wish to take this opportunity, this platform I have been kindly offered, to talk about football. A phrase I never thought I would utter. I’ve not chosen the music I feel so passionately about which has seen the light of day due to Kickstarter or social sharing in 2016. Nor the social media waves that have created political change in the past four months. The most emotionally affected I have been by social media […]

Playfulness and Parodies

What does Adele have to do with pizza and Pirate FM have to do with John Lewis? A sleuth of parodies of Adele’s new single Hello and John Lewis’ Christmas advert have shone a spotlight on one aspect of human behaviour: playfulness through parody.

The secret of sharing

Long gone are the days when a viral video is all it takes to make a brand or product famous. In fact, the bar of what it takes to ‘go viral’ continues to be raised. A video of a pelican chick taking its first flight (with a GoPro camera strapped to its beak) has notched up almost 5 million YouTube views but a dog dressed as a spider achieved impressive 142m views. That is 142 […]