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A New Chapter in Social Video

It’s exciting times in production for social video. We are in the eye of a marketing renaissance in which we have at our disposal a multitude of exciting platforms to display on, plus new AV technologies to play with and clients and creative teams willing to experiment with the message and story.

How to Give your Film Trailer the Thumbs Up

In 1913, the first ever film trailer for a musical called The Pleasure Seekers was produced. Back then, film trailers were, in fact, shown at the end of film screenings but were soon after moved to run before or sometimes even in the middle of films, as audiences tended to leave as soon as the […]

Spinnaker Shortlisted for the 2017 Screen Awards

We are proud to announce Spinnaker’s nomination for the 2017 Screen Awards. Our work on Edgar Wright’s box office hit Baby Driver has been included in the Online Campaign of the Year category. Learn more about the campaign below.