Building up to Bond

Building up to Bond

Ahead of the launch of Spectre – the latest in a long line of Bond movies – we take a look at how its predecessors have built anticipation online.

Online conversation around a Bond film typically starts a year before the movie hits the silver screen. Carefully staggered content is key to keeping people interested. Like every good Bond movie however, there’s a formula of ingredients -shaken not stirred of course – that are guaranteed to build anticipation for 007. Brand cameos, the musical score topped with the royal seal of approval have all featured heavily in online conversation in the run up to a Bond movie launch.

Brands part of the build up
Skyfall was the first Bond movie to break the US$1 billion barrier, so it is no wonder that brands are clamouring for a cameo alongside Britain’s favourite spy. Brands have become so ingrained to the Bond empire, that they are now an integral part of building excitement ahead of the premier. In January 2008, a full nine months before the launch of Quantum of Solace – and despite social networks being in their relative infancy – online conversation around the brands that would feature in the movie had already begun.

Phones, cars and drinks typically hog the Bond brand limelight. Sony Ericsson C902 kicked off brand discussions for Quantum of Solace followed by Ford Ka’s cameo in the film. For Skyfall, Sony Experia T and Jaguar Land Rover found themselves the subject of conversation. Bond’s tipple of choice has also been subject of much cyber debate as he moved from his trademark Martini to a Heineken. Even Coca Cola has got in on the act.

Music is a hit with audiences
Thanks to Apple, iTunes and iPods have made music more accessible than ever before and this is one factor growing its importance to people – indeed, Spinnaker research conducted earlier this year found that for 16% of Brits, music was one of the features of the last piece of branded or unbranded online content that had an impact on them. For Bond audiences, the theme tune and the musical score is almost as important as who is playing 007 himself. The big reveal of the artist, followed by interviews about the recording of the soundtrack all help to keep the film in the spotlight. Indeed, Adele’s Golden Globe win for Skyfall in January 2013, helped to keep tongues wagging even after the film had debuted and a full month before it was launched on DVD.

Royal seal of approval
As we start to gear up for the launch of Spectre, it’s a familiar story as speculation mounts around the car brand; Aston Martin, Lotus Evora 400 and Jaguar C-X75 are all being discussed online. Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith, Kanye West and Florence and the Machine have all been referenced as the possible next artists for the latest Bond theme.

We mustn’t forget however the James Bond is one of her Majesty’s agents. The Royals attended the premier for Quantum of Solace and Skyfall and it is likely that they’ll be a key ingredient for Spectre as well.