Building personality and connection

Building personality and connection

So many of the top football clubs have lost themselves in an era of swashbuckling displays of wealth and posturing. Their attempts to remain true to some form of identity are lacquered and smoothed over with veneer.

Stories are present but they are distant and over obsessed with stars, past glories and silverware. Vital components for reputation hungry sponsors and distant global fans but somehow lacking depth of personality. A glance at some of the leading clubs’ social stories and content showcase more style over substance

How refreshing then to see Watford FC so successfully celebrate one of its greatest stars, John Barnes, whilst delivering a smile inducing connection to its fans. At an event laid on to showcase John Barnes’ career, fans were invited to send in previous pictures of them with John Barnes when he was playing with Watford and they were 15 or so years younger. They were then invited onto the stage to re-enact their poses with John Barnes as he is and they are now.



Experiential and digital working naturally in tandem but also perfectly in tune with the five keys to effective brand social…

  • Tell a story
  • Keep the message simple
  • Be authentic and human
  • Appeal to your audience’s sense of desire for connection (but do it on their terms!)
  • Appeal to positive emotions – in this case nostalgia and amusement