Bringing HTML5 to life doesn’t have to be an Impossible Mission

Bringing HTML5 to life doesn’t have to be an Impossible Mission

Following our recent appointment by Paramount, we’ve created an interactive experience in a YouTube masthead for the release of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. It features a nearly ‘impossible mission’, based on an incredible aerial stunt performed in the film by Tom Cruise, in which you are thrown into the action directly from the same scene in the trailer.

You are challenged to try and open an aeroplane door as the plane is flying and you’re hanging on to the outside with just your fingertips. The experience is enhanced by trying to dodge flying birds and debris (using the left and right arrows) and collecting M:i tokens as you play. You can also link through to the film’s trailer and website via the Masthead.

The Masthead and mission, built purely in HTML5, mark a shift in the way the industry is moving with the death of Flash approaching this autumn. The complex build is a first of its kind and proves that HTML5 can be just as flexible as Flash, which is great news for our entertainment clients who can’t and won’t settle for anything less than spectacular.

Richard Coggin, our Creative Partner, said: “When appointed by Paramount to create this format for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation we were thrilled as it not only expands our portfolio of entertainment clients, but it also gave us an opportunity to show off what’s possible with HTML5.”

The film, the fifth in the franchise, is now open in cinemas in the UK, 30th July.