Cutting video for better Social engagement

Viewability is today’s hot topic in digital display and video and rightly so. But unless your video is visually engaging then opportunities to view will count for little.

Too much online video is still a replica of TV spots, trailers and video produced for off line viewing. The net result? Poor sizing, lack of impact, lack of subtitling and few special effects that drive the visual attention and recall you are looking for.

At the heart of our studio lies The Social Cut.

We take your existing film or create video from scratch and produce socially ready video that stands out.

We interpret the story you want to tell and bring this to life across social with subtitling, contextual messaging, special effects, and ensure that all sizing, formatting and lengths are relevant for each social platform.

Take a look at our brief video and drop us a line if the Social Cut is something you’d like to hear a little more about.

If you would like to know more please call Amy Jones on 020 7645 3900 or complete the form below

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