Innovation in video advertising

Innovation in video advertising

Digital video advertising is being pushed forward at a rate unparalleled by any other category in the industry owing to new ways of creating, delivering and sharing video content. A recent report from PWC has predicted that video advertising will increase by nearly 25% per year in the next five years, yet very few brands have considered how this will work in a fragmented media ecosystem and more importantly, real-time.

The preference among consumers is clear, video dominates. With recall of branding from video advertising averaging over 90% compared to just 10% for text. Much of the digital advertising video model takes its learnings from traditional TV in the form of stacked advertising. A similar approach was taken by media publishers from offline to online advertising in the shape of banner advertising and look how that is turning out!

Digital video brings enormous opportunities for those willing to explore the potential. From exciting formats, auto-play and video SEO, the marketplace will only get more fragmented based on devices and audiences. Exciting platforms and communities such as The Smalls, Brainient and Miorama are ‘disrupting’ the norm in terms of what is expected in terms of video production, distribution and formatting.

Traditionally video was used for TV and cinema, big above the line campaigns aimed to give maximum exposure, however brands need to seriously rethink their valuation on video if they still consider video should only be reserved for big campaigns and driving purchase. Those brands who prioritise sustainable marketing, will identify with the need for strong video content beyond purchase for validation by the consumer. From retail to finance, smart brands are economically creating great video content and building a relationship with their audience through digital video advertising. Now imagine how much more interesting this article would have been if it was in video format!

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