Our food & brand partner programme

It’s a crowded marketplace with food & drink brands struggling to be heard. And it’s an expensive media landscape with paid advertising delivering high campaign cost and potential high wastage.


We believe the way forward is for collaboration and partnership amongst food brands, influencers, media partners, events, ingredients. To deliver shared values, cost effective reach, and higher levels of consumer engagement.

How does Food Match work?

We use a process and tool employing proprietary and public insights that surround your brand and competitor brands. We segment your audience by levels of food interest and we define the values that your brand holds dear.


We then use this data to pinpoint and prioritise all forms of partnership potential giving you all the audience, digital and social stats you need. We work with you to shortlist these opportunities and help you bring these to life through negotiating terms and activating campaigns across all channels.

We offer Food Match as packages of insights only or with activation included. If you would like to know more please call Ed Syson on 020 7645 3900 or complete the form below

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