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Advertising with Amazon Prime Now

About 8 months ago I fell into a payment trap that millions of UK consumers are probably familiar with; getting an Amazon Prime trial on a delivery, and failing to cancel it. Fast forward to now and I’m absolutely hooked on the service. I’ve watched Vikings, Transparent, The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead. I’ve still got to finish Mr Robot and American Gods and there is no way I’m quitting the service now. Compounding […]

Top 5 Tips for Working with Influencers

In this day day and age, the success of a brand can depend on their aptitude for working with influencers. The concept of the social media influencer would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago. Of course, taste makers have always existed, but prior to social media’s omnipresence, they were film stars, musicians, those with model looks and bags of money. But times have changed, and the power of today’s influencer is their […]

Social Media Week Roundup

Whereas social media would once have made up just a single element of a marketing campaign, these days it is often the whole campaign itself. Social has morphed into everyone’s job, not just that of digital innovators and experts.