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Word of Mouth Marketing – it’s time to talk

Word of mouth marketing. As old as the hills but just as relevant today as it was when Queen Victoria and Pope Leo XIII were endorsing cocaine laced Mariani wine and prompting chatter amongst the hoi polloi of 19th century Europe.

Building personality and connection

So many of the top football clubs have lost themselves in an era of swashbuckling displays of wealth and posturing. Their attempts to remain true to some form of identity are lacquered and smoothed over with veneer.

Social Video: The planner’s perspective

Here at Spinnaker we’ve seen a massive shift towards social media over the past five years, with clients using both paid and earned media to make social the heart of many campaigns.  It’s the closest a brand can get to their consumer – to listen, to learn and most importantly to engage and inform opinions – so for many it’s not a surprising move. The most exciting development in recent years is the increased and […]

Experiential and Digital

We’ve been busy this summer, out on the road with our client’s brands. Building positive brand time face to face with hordes of fans and prospects. Events have been carefully engineered to build awareness, and trial. But, as content marketers we believe it is digital, social and technology that has delivered the deepest opportunities and ultimately the greatest success.