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A New Chapter in Social Video

It’s exciting times in production for social video. We are in the eye of a marketing renaissance in which we have at our disposal a multitude of exciting platforms to display on, plus new AV technologies to play with and clients and creative teams willing to experiment with the message and story.

Web Wisdom Makes High Street Wise

The launch of Amazon Books in Seattle marks the next major trend in marketing and demonstrates how digital curation could modernise the high street through the application of online tactics in the offline world.

Bringing HTML5 to life doesn’t have to be an Impossible Mission

Following our recent appointment by Paramount, we’ve created an interactive experience in a YouTube masthead for the release of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. It features a nearly ‘impossible mission’, based on an incredible aerial stunt performed in the film by Tom Cruise, in which you are thrown into the action directly from the same scene in the trailer.

Undercover ads hit the big screen.

Dwindling attention as well as a rise in competition for eyeballs have meant that the impact of traditional advertising is on the decline. There are signs that the movie theatre is becoming the next robbers’ den as adverts spill over from the trailers to become the feature film itself.